Mission & Vision


As of April 15, 2018


We, the Parents Association at PS 217, work to promote fairness and equity in our school, and to support our children’s access to an education that will prepare them to thrive in the world they will live in.


To accomplish this, the PA is:


● Welcoming: A safe and welcoming place for all students and families, all cultures, voices and communities, and assists the administration, staff and security to open their doors to all parents and the community.

● Bridge: Serves as a bridge between parents and the school and help parents understand what is happening in the school. This includes serving as a welcome center for new families, including translation of Pre-K and K tours and other events; and being a support system to families navigating the school through information, workshops and other resources.

● Representative: Mirrors the population of the school in terms of culture, race, religion, language and immigration status, and we reflect this diversity in our approach and activities. Parents from the diverse communities in the school will know best the interests and concerns of their communities.

● Communicative: Conducts face-to-face outreach and relationship-building with parents – not just written communication – in families’ home languages in order to identify issues that are important to the diverse communities of our school.

● Advocacy/Collective Action: Advocates for and helps make decisions about school practices and policies and activities that reflect the priorities and needs of our families and students, treats families of all racial, cultural and religious backgrounds equitably, and makes the school an anti-racist institution.

● Fair Fundraising: Believes that fundraising is an important role but not the ultimate goal. Bake sales and other fundraising events should reflect our values and be for all children, not just those whose families have money to spare.

● Culturally Relevant: Encourages culturally relevant education and gives input on teaching and learning, with the goal that students leave the school with more knowledge and respect for all cultures than they would at less diverse schools, and are prepared for the diverse world that we live in.

mission and vision