Grades K-2
LEAP Literacy: LEAP Literacy is designed to develop in young readers a love of language
arts through artistic inquiry and exploration. LEAP’s literacy program is designed for K-5th grade
students and uses a hands-on, active learning approach through a variety of art disciplines to improve
literacy. Each session includes a read aloud connected to the theme of the lesson, along with art making,
whether it be visual art, movement, or music-based. LEAP Literacy’s hands-on, interdisciplinary
teaching strategies are based on evidence that students learn best when they are engaged in multiple
Grade 3 - Musical Theater
The Movement - An Acapella Musical 
Content: Music, Drama, Step Dance, Civil Rights, Playwriting, American History
The Movement is an acapella musical that uses narratives, harmonious singing, rhythmic movement,
and historical photographic images to tell untold stories from the perspective of the young people
in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963 who marched against segregation, helping to change the face of
Grades 4/5 - Musical Theater
Southern Folk: The Story of Sharecroppers
Content: Blues Music, Drama, Dance, Playwriting, History, Geography
Southern Folk takes you on a musical journey through the Mississippi Delta during the late 19th
century and follows the story of first-generation, born-free Americans. Through narrative
storytelling scenes and blues songs, this coming of age story portrays the complexities of life that
sharecroppers faced, and centers on Johnny, a sharecropper, who has dreams of moving north and
makes a pact to leave for Chicago to find a life beyond the southern fields.