Kindergarten: Our littles focus on opposites (high/low, loud/quiet, fast/slow, etc), experiencing notation, showing the beat and melody movement. While studying these concepts, they will also be singing, playing instruments and drawing music

1st grade: Our Junior littles review opposites and explore a 2-line staff. They start to discover musical elements (how music is organized), forms and the different sounds their voices can make

2nd grade: Starts the year learning about the instrument families. They then explore rhythm and melody and how music is organized and created using expression

3rd grade: Learns how articulation, tempo and meter affects music. They start reading music and applying it to an instrument, the recorder*

4th grade: Our Juniors explore different sounds and forms in music. This goes hand-in-hand with their recorder* unit where they learn how to read music and applying it

5th grade: Our Seniors perform and create different rhythms. They have a small recorder* unit where they learn to read and play 2 more notes and understand different modalities as well as various note values

* The music department has modified the performance aspect of recorder playing to holding the instrument, posture, note fingerings, and conceptual wind playing technique support due to Covid-19 safety

**In a non-Covid world, there is a Winter and Spring performance